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 Let's Make Richland County Better Together!

After much thought and consideration, I would like to humbly announce my intent to seek the office of the Richland County Sheriff in 2020. I have served the citizens of Richland County for the past 20 plus years in my capacity as a law enforcement officer. With your help, I would like to continue to serve the citizens of Richland County as your next Sheriff. My God given purpose in life is to serve and help people that cannot help themselves. I know that I am capable of being the best Sheriff that Richland County has ever had, but I cannot do that without your help. I am asking for you to join with me on this journey and support my campaign to become your next Sheriff. Together, we can make Richland County one of the safest counties in America!

Jason E. Roberts

Candidate for Richland County Sheriff 2020

Jason E. Roberts

Together We Can Make Richland County Safe Again! 



Per the website AREA VIBES, Richland County has one of the highest crime rates in America! The overall crime rate in Columbia is 119% higher than the national average. As a citizen of Richland County, I am deeply disturbed by this. If given the opportunity to serve as your next Sheriff, it will be my mission to make Richland County, the safest county in America. Join me and let's make Richland County safe again together!


Jason E. Roberts

Candidate for Richland County Sheriff 2020

What is my plan to Make Richland County Safe?
Reduce Crime


Crime in Richland County is extremely high! Richland County is not considered to be a  safe place to work or live and has not been for some time now. As a matter of fact, Richland County is dangerous and your chances of becoming a victim of a crime is extremely high! If I am elected to be your next Sheriff, my main focus will be to eliminate crime in our county. Drastic measures need to be taken in order to make our county safe. No citizen of Richland County should be forced to live with the fear of becoming a victim of a crime. If you elect me to be the next Sheriff of Richland County, my number one priority will be to make Richland County the safest county in America! 

Be More Transparent


If I am elected to be the Sheriff of Richland County, I will make sure that all citizens have access to me and other department representatives. I believe that the citizens should always feel welcome to express concerns and opinions about our services.

If I am elected to be your next Sheriff, I will ensure that ALL shootings are investigated by an outside agency. I firmly believe that incidents of this nature need to be unbiased, fair and transparent. Nothing is more important than having the trust of the public that we serve. By allowing an outside agency to investigate, the public will be re-assured that the department operates with honesty and integrity.

I believe that transparency and accountability is the ONLY way to win the trust of the public. With that being said, I plan to establish a Citizens Transparency and Accountability Board. The Citizens Transparency and Accountability Board will be responsible for routinely checking the in-car and body-cam footage of our deputies. If any unprofessional or unethical conduct is found, action will be taken immediately. I am 100% for good cops and 100% against bad ones! 

Seek National Accreditation


As it stands, the Richland County Sheriff's Department is NOT an accredited agency. Accreditation is very important and necessary for oversight and maintaining standards for law enforcement agencies across the country. If you elect me to be your next Sheriff, it will be my goal to get the Richland County Sheriff's Department CALEA accredited as soon as possible! In todays climate, oversight is vital in order to help to build community trust.

  • CALEA Accreditation requires an agency to develop a comprehensive, well thought out, uniform set of written directives. This is one of the most successful methods for reaching administrative and operational goals, while also providing direction to personnel.

  • CALEA Accreditation standards provide the necessary reports and analyses a CEO needs to make fact-based, informed management decisions.

  • CALEA Accreditation requires a preparedness program be put in place—so an agency is ready to address natural or man-made unusual occurrences.

  • CALEA Accreditation is a means for developing or improving upon an agency’s relationship with the community.

  • CALEA Accreditation strengthens an agency’s accountability, both within the agency and the community, through a continuum of standards that clearly define authority, performance, and responsibilities.

  • Being CALEA Accredited can limit an agency’s liability and risk exposure because it demonstrates that internationally recognized standards for law enforcement have been met, as verified by a team of independent outside CALEA-trained assessors.

  • CALEA Accreditation facilitates an agency’s pursuit of professional excellence.

End Domestic Violence


South Carolina ranks number 6 in the nation for women killed by men in domestic violence situations. South Carolina continually ranked in the top 10 for over 10 years (SCCADVASA). This is unacceptable! As the Sheriff of Richland County, I will lead the charge against domestic violence. I believe that the Richland County Sheriff's Department can do a much better job at identifying victims of domestic violence and aggressively pursuing and arresting abusers. We will partner with and assist the South Carolina Coalition against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, SisterCare and other agencies that work with victims of Domestic Violence, to improve our response to domestic violence incidents. If you elect me to be your Sheriff, it is my promise to you that we will arrest and prosecute violators of criminal domestic violence, regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status or who they may know. There will be a zero-tolerance policy for individuals that choose to abuse women or children.

Save Our Youth


If you elect me to be your Sheriff, I will see to it that the Richland County Sheriff’s Department puts a greater focus on youth violence prevention and mentoring programs for our youth. I believe that children are products of their environment. Most children cannot escape their environment; however, we can change the environment by making it as safe as possible.


If you elect me to be your Sheriff, I will establish a Young Ambassadors Advisory Board for citizens of Richland County that are 30 years of age and younger. I believe that we must be able to reach our young people and the only way this would be possible is with their involvement with the department. Young people have a lot to offer and I am going to give them the opportunity to be heard. Communication is the key to any successful relationship and by opening the lines of communication, I believe that we can solve a lot of the issues in our communities.

Also, if I am elected to be your Sheriff, I will establish several mentoring programs that will be used to keep our young people out of trouble and help them to become good, productive citizens of Richland County. These programs will allow deputies to mentor young boys and girls that live within Richland County. I believe that our young citizens need inspiration and guidance. I trust and believe that if we put the time and effort in, that we can help to save a generation. 


PROJECT SAFE HAVEN (Free Afterschool Program)



COPS & BARBERS (Mentoring Program)


Make Communities


Our homes and our neighborhoods should be places of peace and safety. If I am elected to be the next Sheriff of Richland County, one of the things that I will do to make our communities safer will be to re-establish the Resident Deputy Program. The Resident Deputy Program allows deputies to work in and around the neighborhoods where they live. The idea is that if you work where you live, you have a greater sense of responsibility to that community. When deputies are personally vested, they will go above and beyond to ensure that the community is as safe as possible.

Become More Diverse


Richland County is composed of almost 50% African Americans. I believe that the Richland County Sheriff’s Department needs to become more diverse. With over 800 employees, only a little over 25% (200 approx.) are black or African-American (The State). This number is unacceptable, and it will be my goal to diversify the department by employing individuals that look more like the communities that we are paid to protect. The requirement to have a four-year college degree to be a deputy in Richland County will be waived and all experience will be evaluated. Education is very important; however I believe that strict educational requirements deter acceptable candidates from applying. I believe that a more diverse department will establish a greater level of trust between the Richland County Sheriff's Department and the citizens that we are paid to protect.

Protect Our Veterans

My grandfather was a Korean War Veteran and I have nothing but respect for our military veterans! I realize that the effects of War on our service members can be extremely severe and we as a community must do more to help protect our heroes! If elected to be the next Richland County Sheriff, I will form a Veteran Services Unit that will be responsible for identifying war veterans of Richland County and provide the necessary assistance to help get them services! The purpose of this unit would be to provide pro-active protection to our veterans and their families!


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